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Hello, Grove!

We are Neon Greens, a radically fresh produce company crafting the best salad you’ve ever had.

Salad’s more than just a meal.

Our salads are grown in-house, customized with local ingredients that flourish with the seasons – meaning better nutrition for us, and better health for the planet, too.

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Our Core Values


Plant The Seed

Planting a seed means sparking enthusiasm and giving gifts. We stoke excitement around our community’s food with open, generous attitudes.


Help it Sprout

Helping sprout means nurturing people and plants with what they need to thrive. Working together, we keep our environment supported and healthy for everyone.


Foster Growth

Growth means feedback, consideration, and improvement. We strengthen our roots because we are never done growing.


Harvest when Ready

Harvest means celebration and reflection. Joy is just as important as work. And a good grower takes what they’ve learned to the next round of seedlings.

About Neon Greens

The seed has officially been planted. Watch us sprout, and meet us in Spring of 2024!

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