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Our restaurant is also a farm.

Next door, our hydroponic plot will produce the crispiest, tastiest greens possible – and you’ll get to eat them right after harvest.

Everything you taste will be locally-sourced. Neon Greens will rotate flavors with our farmer’s seasons.

The result? New and exciting salads with emphasis on the main ingredient: fresh greens.

Quality should be a meaningful word.

To us, it means: good for the community, good for us, and good for the earth. 

We’ll partner with STL farmers for the ingredients we can’t grow ourselves, connecting a local web of growers together on your table. 

As a quality-focused company, we’ll unleash the immense benefits of fresher, more localized produce – giving people the experience of what healthy is, from seed to plate.

Solutions can be tasty.

Supply chain issues threaten the future of produce. 

98% of the nation’s lettuce is grown in California and Arizona; bagged lettuce is weeks old and less nutritious by the time it reaches us in STL.

But indoor agriculture gives us hyper-local produce, 365 days a year, independent of weather or climate. 

Hydroponics isn’t the only food systems solution – but for greens and fresh herbs in urban settings, it’s one of the best.

In a repurposed, 40ft by 8ft space, Neon Greens will be growing as much food as 3 acres of land, while using 75% less water and no pesticides because it’s all indoors. 

And it’s right here! So you can see it (and taste it) for yourself.

We can't wait to see you!

The seed has officially been planted. We’re sprouting right out of the beloved Rise Coffee building on Manchester. Meet us in Spring of 2024!